From the depths of Chicago, The Warehouse to Paradise Garage, The Sound Factory to Studio 54 came HOUSE.

The Hacienda and Turnmills, Hard Times and The End…HOUSE and more HOUSE.

Friday till Monday, HOUSE every weekend and all weekend long.

The London Orbital M25, anywhere and everywhere,

Every weekend just HOUSE.

Space and Amnesia, London, Paris, New York.

HOUSE is our history.

It overcame racial divides and united the masses,

HOUSE music changed the world.

HOUSE is a feeling and a release,

A tribute to those who work hard every week and let themselves go.

HOUSE is hope.

HOUSE is working hard to relive that feeling every single weekend.

HOUSE is more alive than ever before.

This is the story of how a man called David Zowie has captured the heart of HOUSE, and how we live it EVERY WEEKEND.